‘The Voices of Children’ at the CSU Early Childhood Center – Feb. 8

Flyer with colorful graphicsStory by Karen Rattenborg

Please join us for a screening of the documentary, “The Voices of Children,” developed by The World Forum Foundation and one of their working groups focusing on children’s rights.

On February 8, from 2:00-3:30 p.m., the CSU Early Childhood Center is hosting Sam Hall, one of the contributing members of the working group, to facilitate a dialogue around the rights of children and advocacy, using the documentary as a catalyst for the conversation.

The screening will take place at the Colorado State University Early Childhood Center, 223 South Shields, in the Griffin Foundation Gym and Community Room.

Please RSVP to Elizabeth.fannon@colostate.edu by February 1, as space is limited.

More about the documentary

“The Voices of Children documentary project was initiated by the World Forum Foundation Working Group on Children’s Rights, formed at the 2011 World Forum on Early Childhood Care and Education, in Hawaii, USA. The following year, in Moss, Norway, members of the Working Group, Voices of Children committee, defined their primary goal and the means to achieve it. The goal was to articulate the rights of children worldwide, from the child’s perspective, rather than from the viewpoint of the adult. One means of accomplishing this unique goal was the creation of a video documentary that would capture children’s voices directly, without filtering them through adult interpretations.

Coalescing around this idea was an international group of educators, social scientists, filmmakers, and advocates. The central question posed for The Voices of Children video documentary project was: ‘If we listen to children’s thoughts and closely observe their actions, what can we learn of their views about the world, including their rights and the rights of others?'”

The Early Childhood Center is part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

CSU University Communications Staff