Social Work Research Center targets national policies for child and family well-being

social work research center logoTwo large studies currently underway in CSU’s Social Work Research Center (SWRC) are set to directly advance state and national policy on prevention practices for healthy child development and family well-being.

The SafeCare Colorado study aims to understand the impacts of a home visiting program on child socio-emotional competence and school readiness, parental stress and caregiving practices, and protective factors for child maltreatment.

The Colorado Kinected study will evaluate the safety, permanency, and satisfaction outcomes of a program that brings together three child welfare interventions—Kinship Services, Family Engagement Meetings, and Family Search and Engagement—to help build support networks for kinship caregivers and improve outcomes for children and families.

Both of these studies are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse as a base of evidence in support of state and national implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act.

In addition, SWRC researchers have worked to advance family-centered equity, well-being, and health as a human right through several published articles, presentations at local, national, and international conferences, and via service on Colorado statewide taskforces.

About CSU’s Social Work Research Center

Established in 2004 within Colorado State University’s School of Social Work, the Social Work Research Center conducts applied research, creating university-community partnerships that bridge the gap between research and practice in social work. We work to promote evidence-based research, practice, and policy in the child welfare, health/mental health, and juvenile justice domains. We also engage in team-based science to innovate new directions in research and evaluation that are responsive, meaningful, family-engaged, and community-centered.