New program connects students to future careers

The largest attended event ever held by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies saw the inauguration of a new program that will help students build a strong foundation for their future careers.

What is ConX?

Students attending a ConX event.

ConX (pronounced Connects) is a grant-funded program designed to help students integrate and create community within the five new concentrations in the HDFS major. These concentrations were developed to help students identify faculty and classes that will best prepare them for their desired career. “It’s a way to create small communities within a larger major,” said Amy Schuster, an academic success coordinator for HDFS.

“Everyone’s paths aren’t necessarily linear. Everyone takes turns and shifts in their career as they follow opportunities and new doors are opened up,” said Schuster, “There’s not a step by step process for how to get through, and we want to help our students figure out what they want to do.”

Students attending a ConX event.

How is ConX organized?

The ConX program is a great way for HDFS students to connect with each other based on shared interests. Current concentrations include Early Childhood Professions, Prevention and Intervention Sciences, Leadership and Entrepreneurial, Pre-Health, and a section known as HDFS, which provides students opportunities to explore what the major has to offer.

Each ConX group has a faculty and an advising liaison who are ready to help their students achieve vibrant and rewarding careers at CSU and in the workplace. The end goal for each individual student is to provide support within the department by connecting them with other students and faculty.

What do students think?Taylor Dowdle

Taylor Dowdle:
“The ConX program for students with concentrations in Leadership and Entrepreneurial Studies provided the opportunity to practice and implement business skills such as marketing, communication, and event planning while also building relationships with faculty advisers and peers. Our event this past semester, ‘Leadership in Health and Human Services,’ included a guest panel of members of the CSU and Fort Collins community that our team saw as great examples of leadership.

“This event allowed us to not only listen to the stories and advice of the guests, but also build relationships with them. As a student, this event allowed me to see the concepts we are learning in the classroom implemented in the professional environment as well as see leadership skills that we can begin developing now to be leaders in our current and post-collegiate communities.”

What is the future of ConX?

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies hopes to continue providing ConX events in the coming year based on student feedback. “There are lots of opportunities for students to take ownership of the programs and to get involved,” said Schuster.

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.