Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Student Spotlight

KRNC Student Spotlight: Anita Bancroft

Anita Bancroft portrait

Anita Bancroft is an undergraduate student studying Nutrition and Food Science, graduating this Spring 2019. She worked as a volunteer on the Healthy Planet, Healthy Youth project with the School-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Laboratory where she assisted with gathering and measuring food waste data at local middle schools. She is currently working with the Graham Behavioral Medicine Laboratory in the Psychology department as an undergraduate research assistant. She is utilizing physical activity and dietary intake data of adolescents to complete her honors thesis this semester entitled Relation of Physical Activity Levels and Diet in Adolescents.

Bancroft is pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree following the completion of a dietetic internship. She has an extensive culinary arts background that nourishes her passion for nutrition education. Her past experiences have generated her long-term goal of providing culinary skills as a tool to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Anita aspires to seek employment as a WIC dietitian upon becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) as she anticipates this creating an opportunity to educate mothers and their children to support overall well-being throughout their lifespan. “By utilizing my culinary arts and dietetics degrees collaboratively, I plan to impact my community through health promotion, disease prevention, and nutrition education,” she says.

“One of my favorite parts about working in the KRNC is getting exposed to nutrition counseling,” said Bancroft. “My time at KRNC is invaluable and has provided a glimpse into what it will be like to work as a dietitian. I also love assisting with the cooking classes. This practical experience highlights my passion and is providing me opportunities to teach culinary skills so people have the tools to prepare healthy meals at home.”



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