Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Student Spotlight

Student SpotlightTiana Spitzer grew up in Southern Colorado in Wiley, CO and graduated this past December 2018 from the undergraduate program in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Tiana volunteered last summer and fall semester in Dr. Michelle Foster’s lab, the Adipocyte Biology and Metabolic Disease Laboratory. She loved learning about the different functions that adipose tissue can play throughout the body. She states, “It was a great experience to learn basic lab techniques and gain better understanding of adipocytes, especially in respect to immune function.”

This spring, Tiana will be applying to dietetic internships, with hopes of becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). As of now, her career aspirations are to work in a clinical setting along the Front Range area. Tiana’s favorite part about being a practicum student at the KRNC was shadowing Kalyn and Shelby. She boasts, “It was great to see what we have learned throughout school put into practice, especially regarding motivational interviewing. I also really enjoyed participating in the cooking classes and connecting with the local community through food.”

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center