KRNC Student Spotlight: Annie Bush

Annie Bush

Annie Bush is from Boise, Idaho and moved out to Colorado to study nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition  at Colorado State University. She is a senior and completing her degree in FSHN with a concentration in Dietetics. Currently, Bush is a research assistant in the Systems Thinking for Obesity Prevention (STOP) lab with assistant professor Megan Mueller.

As she is still exploring her career direction, Bush is interested in nutrition education and counseling with a focus on women’s health and the intersection between our relationship with food/our bodies and total wellbeing. She is also interested in the food systems side of the nutrition field and focusing on equal access to a healthful and sustainable food system for all.

In the future, Bush is hoping to work in nutrition education and counseling spaces to create connection and meaning behind clients’ health-related goals.

“I hope to work with an interdisciplinary team to create a well-rounded space for individuals navigating their way through health and nutrition and inspire meaningful change,” said Bush.

She explains, “My favorite part about working in the KRNC has been being engaged in spaces that cultivate connection and support meaningful and sustainable change. It has been an incredible experience shadowing the dietitians and gaining a new perspective on nutrition counseling while hearing the clients genuinely open up about their health and nutrition journey. This space has been truly transformational. Also, the cooking classes have been a blast! It has been so fun to connect with the community and enjoy company while cooking delicious meals — especially during a mainly isolated and virtual time period.”

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is a part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

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