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Health and Exercise Science Newsletter | Spring 2021

The Health and Exercise Science newsletter publishes twice per year, in January and June.

From the Department Head


Barry Braun outdoorsDear Alumni and Friends,

This is the third “Message from the Department Head” since the pandemic began in early 2020 and the easiest one to write. As widespread availability of vaccine allows us to consider a new “normal,” we are optimistic about the return to fully face-to-face classes, hosting campus visitors and events, and just being able to gather in person and laugh with reckless abandon.

Everyone had something to contend with, whether it was family members who were ill and needed care, children being schooled at home, spouses or significant others who lost jobs or businesses, or the accumulated mental and emotional stress of being socially and physically isolated with an uncertain future. But faculty worked hard to be flexible and empathetic to student struggles while maintaining high standards; students worked hard to adapt to a learning and campus environment that was unfamiliar and difficult to navigate; parents worked hard to keep their students safe and supported; staff worked hard to respond to unexpected challenges that seemed to pop up almost daily. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t always pretty, but we did the best we could with what we had to work with. For that, I am immensely grateful.

There were triumphs even during the pandemic; faculty, staff, and students received awards for terrific research or teaching or service (details below); research grants were funded; innovative teaching strategies were implemented; students graduated and moved on to internships or their “first real job”; faculty earned tenure and promotion; birthdays, holidays, and new children were celebrated, even if celebrations were confined to toasting a rectangle on a screen.

Looking ahead, we created an HES Advisory Board composed of seven impressive individuals who provide an external view of our goals and progress; we are deeply into the process of creating a 2021-2024 Strategic Plan that advances our hopes and dreams while closely aligning with the visions of the College of Health and Human Sciences and Colorado State University; we are planning an opening ceremony for a new, state-of-the-art science laboratory constructed DURING the pandemic; a record number of students have enrolled in summer classes; and we will be welcoming more than 200 new freshmen in the fall. So, the future is beyond bright; it is incandescent.


Barry Braun, Department Head

COVID-19 Response

Brianne Corbett outdoors

CSU students support older adults isolated by the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created social isolation for many older adults — and has put a damper on many internship opportunities for college students.

Noah Bowman with bread loaves

Beyond the pandemic: Invisible microbes support CSU student’s sourdough business

The Chubby Cat Bakery sells baked-to-order loaves of bread each week. There’s plenty of science behind the business born in quarantine.

A screenshot of an exercise class

Recovering a $407 million research operation from pandemic disruption

Last March, a campus normally humming with students in labs, studios, and classrooms, went into sleep mode when operations moved to virtual settings.


Student looking at an elephant

Health and Exercise Science recognizes excellence in international students

Health and Exercise Science is lucky to have international students who are eager to learn and excel in their new home away from home.

Jordan Acosta in front of the Admin Building in her cap and gown

Health and Exercise Science Outstanding Senior excels both in and out of the classroom

Jordan Acosta has balanced her role as a varsity athlete on the softball team with her success in a challenging academic program.

Peyton Woolverton on the admin building steps in his cap and gown

Health and Exercise Science outstanding graduate reflects on his time at CSU

Peyton Woolverton’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives shows in his academics and work.

Jaya Zaveri with CAM the Ram

Health and Exercise Science outstanding graduate built lasting connections

Jaya Zaveri, who grew up in Colorado, always knew that staying close to home was a priority when looking for schools.


Brett Fling portrait

Health and Exercise Science students, faculty receive prestigious awards for research and excellence

The department is excited to acknowledge the many awards that students and faculty have earned in the Spring 2021 semester.

An ROTC student pulling weights

Army fitness: CSU Army ROTC cadets push it to the limit in fitness test

Improvement is at the heart of the CSU study, which expanded this year to help determine and establish the most effective cadet fitness regimen.

Men running

Is too much cardio bad for you? CSU study says probably not

Some research has shown that ultra-fit athletes can have cardiac damage, raising the question of whether too much aerobic exercise can be a bad thing.

Karyn Hamilton

CSU researchers identify promising model for studying human aging

Researchers are studying interventions to prevent or slow the decline in overall musculoskeletal function with aging in humans.


A camper with a counselor playing basketball

Youth Sport Camps planned for Summer 2021, with aim to keep campers and counselors healthy

Youth Sport Camps, hosted by Health and Exercise Science in the College of Health and Human Sciences, are back in action this summer with a full slate of camps.

A man looking at his watch

When is the best time to exercise? Tip sheet by Adult Fitness Director Kimberly Burke

Researchers Kimberly Burke and Josiane Broussard look into how different times of day affect exercise, and why the time only matters if you continually commit to an exercise program


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