College of Health and Human Sciences welcomes 900 students during Ram Welcome

When college students are out in droves at eight in the morning, something big is happening. For 900 students starting their college experience with the College of Health and Human Sciences last Friday, that something was Ram Welcome.

The College of Health and Human Sciences class of 2021 shows an impressive range of students, including more than 300 transfer students, adult learners, and veterans. Connecting all of the majors in CSU’s largest college is a focus on improving the lives of people and the communities in which they live. This drive and common goal was apparent as Moby Arena filled up with students excited to start classes in the days to come.

“I’m stoked to be here. Ready to go,” said one student from the Department of Construction Management.

Between selfies and a welcoming speech from Dean Jeff McCubbin, the students came out of their early morning stupor with a quiet hum of anticipation. Rajat Shrestha, a member of the Dean’s Leadership Council, gave some advice to the student body saying, “Today is the first time people are going to take you seriously as human beings.” Audrey Shillington, Director of the School of Social Work and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, dismissed the incoming students saying, “You look exhausted already. Get the sleep you need when you need it, just not in class.”

After the speakers finished, students broke out into their specific units. Throughout the rest of the day they were able to explore their departments, meet faculty and staff, and learn about CSU’s plethora of student services while experiencing the traditions that make CSU a fantastic community of people.

Dean McCubbin promised the students that the day’s activities were “set up to help you connect.” There was no better example of this than the large luncheon and street fair put on by a variety of clubs and organizations at CSU to welcome students and, of course, recruit new members. The sunshine and students made the day wonderful for all those involved.

“Know that as you walk down the hallways and see staff, faculty, and administration, we are all so excited to have you joining us this fall,” Shillington said to class of 2021, and indeed we are.