Apparel and merchandising graduate finds success through leadership roles on campus

Kyndrick Peachy smiling in profile picture

When searching for a top fashion school, outstanding apparel and merchandising graduate Kyndrick Peachey found one right in her backyard. Just like many students, Peachey, who is from Lakewood, Colorado, right by Red Rocks Amphitheater, started her college search online.

“When I began my college search, I googled top fashion schools in the country and discovered that CSU was listed as 5th for fashion merchandising,” she said. “After participating in the Department of Design and Merchandising’s visit program ‘Spotlight on Design’ and touring the school my junior year of high school, I quickly fell in love with the Oval and the program and knew this was the place for me.”

Finding a home

Kyndrick standing on stage talking into microphone
Kyndrick Peachey speaking at the Urban Stars Fashion Show.

After finding her place through one of the student clubs in Design and Merchandising, Peachey has been involved in multiple activities and organizations as a volunteer, as well as working as a research assistant and at the CSU Bookstore on campus.

“As a freshman, I felt lost when it came to making genuine friends and finding people who shared my same interests,” she said. “It wasn’t until I became involved with Fashion Group International that I truly found my home on campus. Through FGI I was able to meet some of my best friends and was exposed to new opportunities in the fashion industry.”

Project Embrace

During her junior year, Peachey served her as an undergraduate research assistant for Project Embrace, a body positivity intervention developed and piloted by Professor Jennifer Ogle and Professor Juyeon Park. They tested the program with female bariatric patients, a group that is particularly vulnerable to body image concerns. As part of the intervention, they offered a clothing swap for the patients, whose bodies are undergoing rapid changes in size and shape.

“Owing to Kyndrick’s keen merchandising and organizational skills, I invited her to manage the planning, marketing, and hosting of the clothing swap,” said Ogle. “She did a fabulous job, securing numerous clothing donations for the event and recruiting 10 undergraduate members of Fashion Group International to assist in hosting it. Kyndrick is indeed a rare and special undergraduate student.”

Leadership roles

Throughout her three and a half years at CSU, Peachey has been in leadership roles in several organizations, serving as president of Fashion Group International, the secretary for the College of Health and Human Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council, a member of the Design and Merchandising Leadership Team, the co-director of the Urban Stars Sustainable Fashion Show, on the Model and Garment Committee for the 2019 CSU Fashion Show “Xposure,” a senator for ASCSU, and the student buyer for the CSU Bookstore.

She has also been the recipients of several scholarships and awards, including the Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Junior for the College of Health and Human Sciences, the Eva Floy Smith Wheeler Memorial Scholarship, the Elizabeth Dyer Gifford Scholarship, and the Lory Student Center Outstanding Student Employee Award.

Peachey says several faculty and staff members in Design and Merchandising had an impact on her. She would like to especially thank Jennifer Worrell, instructor internship coordinator, who has mentored her for the last two years, Professor Jennifer Ogle from Project Embrace, and Kendra Allen, director of academic and administrative operations, who has continuously helped her throughout her CSU journey.

Position at Eileen Fisher

Kyndrick Peachey and friend smiling on stairs in New York City.
Kyndrick Peachey, right, in New York City on the Department of Design and Merchandising study tour.

In spring 2019, Peachey participated in the department’s New York Study Tour. This turned out to be the activity that had the largest impact on her. While on the tour, students were able to visit fashion companies around NYC like Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Sorel and many others.

“While on this trip, we visited the Eileen Fisher headquarters where I instantly knew that this was the place for me,” said Peachey, “and I had to at least try to get a job there. Fast forward 10 months later, I am happy to announce I did just that.”

After her December graduation, Peachey will be moving to New York City to start her job as a merchandising assistant at the Eileen Fisher headquarters.

“My education, leadership opportunities, and community engagement over the last three years have empowered me to grow from a student to a leader,” she said. “These opportunities have granted me the ability to give back to my peers and faculty and have allowed me to take full advantage of my time at CSU.”

The Department of Design and Merchandising is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

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