‘Red’ theme permeates exhibit of creative work from apparel design students, faculty

Story by Kevin Kissell

In summer 2019, apparel design and production students in Colorado State University’s Department of Design and Merchandising had the opportunity to take a new experimental course titled “Apparel Design-Advanced Techniques.”

The stunning designs from the course are the subject of a new exhibit at the Nancy Richardson Design Center titled “Red {Dress}.” An opening reception was held Oct. 3, in the RDC Design Exchange lobby space. The exhibit is currently on display until Dec. 20 in the Gustafson Gallery in the Gifford Building.

The poster reads, "Red Dress: Showing creative work from apparel design students and faculty. Design Exchange at Nancy Richardson Design Center. Monday, September 23 through Friday. October 11, 2019. Opening reception coinciding with Homecoming weekend festivities on Thursday, October 3 starting at 5 pm. This project was funded by philanthropic gifts to the RDC innovation fund. Special thanks to the Golden Hands Foundation."
“Red {Dress}” exhibit poster design by John Gravdahl, CSU professor of graphic design.

Red textiles, advanced techniques

This exhibition of student and apparel design faculty creative work features various interpretations of evening wear silhouettes, using a variety of red textiles.

Under the tutelage of Professor Diane Sparks, students learned advanced garment construction and hand finishing techniques that foster quality construction and detail. Such attention to detail elevates a garment to couture status.

Why red? Our perception of color is a complex phenomenon. Add in arbitrary social conventions of color and things can get even more interesting! Physiologically, the color red provokes intense emotion and even quickens our pulse. Symbolic attributes of red elicit confidence, determination, vibrancy, strength, and passion. Red also happens to be the signature color of the Nancy Richardson Design Center.

Exhibit dates

“Red {Dress}” will be on display at the Nancy Richardson Design Center until Oct. 11. The exhibit will reopen Oct. 14 in the Gustafson Gallery in CSU’s Gifford Building and remain on display until Dec. 20. The Gustafson Gallery is part of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising. This endeavor would not be possible without generous support from the Golden Hands Foundation.

The Department of Design and Merchandising is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.