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Young Alumni Q & A: Jessica Teal

School of Education alumna Jessica Teal (B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences, '16) always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. Now, as she enters her fifth year at Windsor High School, she is a well-versed educator who is dedicated to paying what she has learned forward.

Young Alumni Q & A: Alex Hendricks

Construction management alumni Alex Hendricks (B.S., '13) went from Ram Grad to a small business owner after learning the ins-and-outs of construction, contracting, and business management at CSU. Hendricks looks back at his time at CSU as the best educational experience of his life.

Young Alumni Q & A: Lauren Cox

Class of 2013 Department of Design and Merchandising alumna never took her time at CSU for granted and is utilizing the skills she learned to remain adaptable and succeed in the interior design industry.

Young Alumni Q & A: Meredith Taylor

Human Development and Family Studies alumna Meredith Taylor reflects on her time at CSU and how her dedication to service propelled her to pursue a career in corporate social responsibility in her home state of Tennessee.

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