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A message about Fall: Back to campus!

With the guidance and approval of President McConnell and the Pandemic Preparedness Team, CSU has started the process of returning classrooms to full capacity for the fall, based on the new vaccine requirements.

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Research and Creative Scholarship


Award-winning occupational therapy alumna gives back to CSU

Teresa Boynton, Occupational Therapy alumna, donor, and Alumni Association member, has been a strong advocate for safety in patient care throughout her career. Boynton was recently recognized with a prestigious award for her development of an assessment tool for care providers to improve safety while assisting patients.

Health Tips

The advantages of virtual wellness

The pandemic has changed the way many people have engaged with others, their work atmospheres, and their health. Here are a few ways that the health and wellness profession has transitioned to a virtual world, to the benefit of people everywhere.

When is the best time to exercise?

Researchers Kimberly Burke and Josiane Broussard look into how different times of day affect exercise, and why the time only matters if you continually commit to an exercise program