‘We did it:’ Outstanding grad and single mother earns her teaching degree

Brittany Escamilla, who hails from Cheyenne, Wyoming, has had to work extra hard to earn her degree. In 2010, Escamilla, then a high school junior, gave birth to her son, Bryson. Eight years later, Escamilla is graduating from Colorado State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences program with a concentration in education. She landed a job in Wyoming as a family and consumer sciences teacher and hopes to become an advocate by teaching a teen parenting class.

Hard work and a dream

Brittany and her son BrysonAfter giving birth to Bryson, Escamilla lived on her own and worked to support her family while finishing high school. This impeccable work ethic carried over to her college education. Escamilla resides out of state and commutes to CSU every day to attend class while living in Cheyenne.

Escamilla chose to attend CSU because of the wonderful Family and Consumer Sciences program. As she grew in the program, she was convinced that she’d chosen the right career.

“The educator preparation program at CSU has many practicum experiences that continued to encourage me on my path to graduation and I was excited to embark on the student teaching experience,” said Escamilla.

“Though it has taken me longer than most college students, I am so excited to say that we did it!” said Escamilla.

Going forward, she is excited to start teaching junior high students in Cheyenne. Escamilla hopes to work toward her master’s degree in the coming years.

The Family and Consumer Sciences program in the School of Education is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.