Silver linings for Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center’s virtual nutrition counseling

KRNC GroupThe COVID-19 pandemic caused huge disruption in March 2020 as Colorado State University moved to all remote instruction and services for students and clients. One of the shifts included moving to online nutrition counseling sessions in the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center, the nutrition outreach program in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

After adjusting to the challenges of going remote, it became evident the pandemic has revealed several silver linings for the KRNC and its staff: Shelby Cox, director, Kalyn Garcia, RD, Charlotte Carlson, RD, and Kristy Kloppe, office manager. The move to telehealth sessions during the pandemic led to increased clientele, ease of entry, consistency, expanded reach, and relief of waiting room anxiety and stress.

Nutrition telehealth silver linings:

  • Reduced travel time
  • Removed childcare issues
  • Decreased mobility challenges
  • Allowed for flexible scheduling
  • Created continuity of care
  • Provided a safe environment
  • Increased online efficiencies
  • Reduced social anxieties
  • Propelled therapeutic alliances
  • Allowed for easy access regarding product questions
  • Built client trust

Healthie, an all-in-one health and wellness telehealth software program used by KRNC, provided several statements regarding the ease of virtual sessions.

  • Seamless and real=time communication: the virtual connection makes it a lot easier to keep the conversation going, giving your client a method to continue communicating with you makes it easier to connect as needed and continue to build relationships.
  • Fewer no-show appointments: Telehealth provides ease, convenience, and often shorter session times, making it possible for more clients to meet with you.
  • Increased client engagement: When your clients are staying on track, they’re seeing results faster than ever. This all leads to increased satisfaction and better retention. This will keep existing clients working with you, booking appointments week after week.
  • Session support – The virtual connection provides a channel for more frequent and actually, deeper connection. Session support can be provided easily by checking in on your client’s photo food tracking through the week. This additional engagement builds your relationship with your clients faster and helps keep them on track.

LogoWhichever your preference is, the KRNC continues to provide in-person counseling sessions along with virtual sessions enabling the dietitians to service a large clientele base. If you or someone you know could benefit from virtual telehealth sessions with a registered dietitian, please reach out to the KRNC.

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences