Recruiting first-time expectant mothers for study

Happy Young Parents Hold In Their Hands Baby Shoes Of Future Child

The Emotional Attachment and Emotional Availability Lab is recruiting first-time expectant mothers up to the second trimester of pregnancy for a project on her use of a pregnancy workbook called, “The Story of Our Pregnancy.” The workbook will provide information on mindfulness, attachment, and emotional availability.

“We know these topics are covered in parenting books or other sources, we are not aware of coverage through a user-friendly workbook for mothers during pregnancy,” said Zeynep Birigen, lead investigator and Department of Human Development and Family Studies professor. “While we, and others around the world, have conducted several studies in the last 25 years to document the value of an approach that focuses on mindfulness, attachment, and emotional availability, this will be the first to bring together the essential ingredients in a time-effective way in a parent workbook.”

What will participants be asked to do?

Before the start of the program, participants will be asked to complete a set of surveys. Then investigators will randomize the interested participants into an ‘intervention group.’ Participants in the intervention group will be asked to complete the workbook for each trimester of the pregnancy. Many questions will involve the inputs of the father as well, whenever possible.

Investigators will check in with participants every other week to ask questions about progress in using the pregnancy workbook and also to encourage participation.

During the third trimester, participants will be asked to complete a second set of surveys and questions about when the participant meets the baby.

A follow-up zoom session may be scheduled to discuss this video and to provide feedback. In addition, mothers will be invited to one or two small classes in which we interact about the preparation for parenting in the context of dance, movement, and music, conducted at Colorado State University.

For more information about the program, please contact Zeynep Biringen at

The Emotional Attachment and Emotional Availability Lab is part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.