Q&A with incoming graduate student Tiffani Lamas

Tiffani LamasTiffani Lamas will be earning her master’s in food science and nutrition through the department’s online degree through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Southern Orange County, California.

What is your bachelor’s and/or master’s degree and where did you earn it? I received my Bachelor of Science in nutrition food science – general dietetics at California State University Chico.

What brings you to CSU for your graduate degree? I wanted an online program where I could continue to work full time and I liked the elective options CSU offered.

What are some accomplishments you are most proud of during your undergraduate career? I juggled many jobs while pursuing my undergraduate degree. I student-taught Organic Chemistry, tutored at the student learning center for biochemistry, and worked as a bartender at a local brewery. In addition, I graduated in 2020 and completed my Dietetic Internship during the peak of the COVID pandemic. It was a challenging year for interns and preceptors as together we had to navigate how to create a hands-on learning experience while also protecting ourselves and our patients.

Did you get to participate in something out of the ordinary this summer? Nothing in particular, I just completed my first year of working as a clinical Registered Dietitian.

What are you the most excited about in the upcoming school year? I’m looking forward to connecting with other students and nutrition professionals.

Do you have a research area? Describe it for us. Not yet! TBD

Will you be working as a GTA, GRA or on/off campus? I will continue working in California as a Clinical RD.

What are your future plans after receiving your graduate degree? My end goal is to teach dietetic courses.

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