Penn State’s Joshua Smyth to speak at CSU

Joshua SmythThe Department of Human Development and Family Studies presents Joshua Smyth, Distinguished Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Medicine, and head of the Dynamic Real-Time Ecological Ambulatory Methodologies (DREAM) program at The Pennsylvania State University, who will be visiting CSU and giving a talk entitled “Ambulatory Assessment and Intervention in Daily Life.”  Smyth’s talk will be on Monday, Nov. 27, from 3-4 p.m., in the Behavioral Sciences Building room 457.

Smyth’s presentation will broadly attempt to describe the rationale, implementation, and contributions of real-time, ambulatory assessment and intervention; that is, why and how to study ‘free-range’ humans. In particular, he will describe the importance of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and the real time monitoring of person-centered variables, with a particular eye to ecological validity and time-varying within-person processes. Next he will briefly outline some approaches and emerging technologies for ambulatory assessment in real world settings, followed by some discussion of the potential to merge EMA/ambulatory assessments with other methodological and intervention approaches (including information at other time scales). Finally, he will provide examples of key time-varying patient variables (e.g., affect, behaviors, physiology) that can be measured and used to inform intervention approaches, including more traditional tailoring methods (at the between-person level) as well as innovative time-varying treatment options (e.g., just-in-time [JIT] and adaptive treatments, microrandomization).

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