KRNC Student Spotlight: Christine Murphy

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center's March Student Spotlight Christine Murphy is pictured in what appears to be her backyard.

Christine Murphy is our March 2023 KRNC Student Spotlight!

Christine is originally from Longmont, Colorado, but lived overseas for about ten years and upon returning to the U.S. lived in several states before settling back into Colorado and calling it home. She is married with five children and enjoys adventuring with her family whether it’s to the mountains in our beautiful state, an interesting historical location, or a road trip to a new destination.

She is a first-year graduate student in the Food Science and Human Nutrition department at CSU and is working towards becoming a registered dietitian. Of particular interest to her is the intersection of mental health care and nutrition. Christine remarks, “I recognize that there are many factors in life that cannot be changed and can affect mental health (such as life circumstances, genetics, trauma, among many other factors) but nutrition is one thing that can be modified and may significantly impact the body allowing for the possibility of easing some symptoms associated with mental health disorders.” That is where her passion is and she loves coming alongside other people’s stories and championing them on the road towards greater health.

Her favorite part of working at the KNRC is having the privilege to sit in and observe counseling sessions. The vulnerability of clients in sharing their counseling space with her as she learns is invaluable and allows for real-world learning and application of nutritional counseling.

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is a part of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

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