KRNC Student Spotlight: Amity Warme

Amity Warme smiles while rock climbing.

Amity Warme is the February 2022 KRNC Student Spotlight!

Amity Warme grew up in Loveland, Colorado, but currently lives in a van that she and her husband converted to a mobile home. They base out of the Front Range and Washington but spend the majority of their time traveling around the western U.S. to various rock climbing destinations. Warme graduated in December with her master’s degree in Sports Nutrition from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Currently, she is completing a dietetic internship, the next step toward becoming a registered dietitian.

Warme is part of an international research team about to publish a study looking at the prevalence of amenorrhea among elite-level competition rock climbers. She is particularly interested in sports nutrition and working with athletes participating in weight-sensitive sports such as gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, and distance running.

Her goal as a dietitian is to help athletes use nutrition to maximize both health and performance. Warme hopes to bring a more positive approach to food, fueling, and body weight to sports cultures where traditionally leanness, weight loss, and calorie restriction have been emphasized above overall health and well-being. She wants to help athletes achieve their performance goals without sacrificing long-term health!

“During my time at KRNC, I look forward to learning from both the dietitians and the clients who are a part of this community,” said Warme. “I am just starting out on my professional journey and hope to draw insights from my experiences at KRNC that will equip me to become a qualified and effective dietitian in my future practice!”

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is a part of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

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