KRNC Student Spotlight

Courtney Schinner

CSU Student Courtney Schinner

Courtney Schinner is from Windsor, Colorado, and has lived in Northern Colorado since 2001.  She is a graduating senior this year in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and is employed at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. Schinner is interested in childhood nutrition and is still trying to decide if she wants to work in the public sector or the policy making sector. She also has a passion for the holistic approach to nutrition and medicine. In the future, she may explore this area more as a career path. “I am still trying to find my niche in the dietetics world,” she said.

After graduation

Schinner plans on applying for internships for a spring match in order to fulfill the requirement to become a registered dietitian. She believes that no matter what career path she goes into, being a registered dietitian is important.


Schinner’s favorite part of working at KRNC is getting to see the variety of things a registered dietitian does on a daily basis. “I learned that it is more than just seeing clients. I enjoy seeing clients come back after a few sessions and seeing how they have changed their ways, no matter how small,” she said.

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is part of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center