KRNC Student Spotlight

KRNC Student SpotlightKendall Reagan Nutrition Center Student Spotlight: Nova King

Nova King is originally from Eagle River, Alaska and is an undergraduate student studying Food Science and Human Nutrition here at Colorado State University. Although Nova has a variety of interests, she is compelled to learn more about the mind-body connection, metabolic abnormalities, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, epigenetics/nutrigenomics, and human behavior.

Nova recently found out that a research project she worked on was accepted. She worked with a CSU graduate student in the MPH program and a post-doc fellow to study food waste in the Northern Colorado school districts. She calculated the weight of each recipe used by the school districts, took plate analyses at school lunches and performed quality assurance on all data.

Ultimately, Nova wants to spend her career efforts learning about the human experience and the relationship to our environment. Her dream is to guide us towards more peaceful relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world we share. “I believe a great amount of that potential is on our plates. I have been a sponge for years, learning and observing, my goals now are to unpack that and decide what’s next,” she says.

Nova remarks, “Working with the KRNC has been a wonderful chance to put my knowledge and skills to a practical test. I feel it is a tremendous opportunity and privilege to spend time shadowing client sessions at the KRNC where I can directly synthesize course material with its live application. Having access to this experience has given me a real opportunity to visualize myself in the roles of the dietitians. I am so grateful to Kalyn and Shelby for their time and mentorship.”

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