KRNC March Student Spotlight: Emily Nardone

Emily Nardone

Emily Nardone is a Colorado native and grew up in Loveland, CO. Currently, she is a senior undergraduate student in the Food Science and Human Nutrition program, with a concentration in Dietetics. A fun fact about Emily is that she competed in two powerlifting competitions and would love to compete again in the future.

Emily is also an honors student, she is writing her senior honors thesis on the strengths and limitations of each step in the nutrition care process, and have been conducting her research based on the shadowing experiences at the KRNC and interviewing dietitians and clients on their experiences with the nutrition care process. She was drawn to this project through her interest in nutrition counseling and wanting to promote successful dietitian-client interactions.

Emily is interested in sports nutrition, community nutrition, and private practice, with a particular interest in individualized nutrition counseling.

After graduation, Emily plans to explore different options in the health and wellness space. “I would like to pursue a master’s in public health while working as a graduate assistant for a collegiate recreation center. A potential career in campus recreation excites me through the possibility of combining my backgrounds of nutrition, wellness, and student development into one career.”

Emily explains, “I love working with the KRNC, and my favorite parts have been shadowing nutrition counseling sessions and teaching a cooking class!”

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center