Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Student Spotlight

KRNC Student Spotlight: Diana Grubb

Student SpotlightDiana Grubb grew up in Los Angeles, California, but spent most of her twenties teaching elementary school abroad in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. She moved to Fort Collins in the summer of 2017 to gain residency before starting her master’s this past fall. Currently, she is in the first year of her graduate studies on the path to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). In her spare time, Grubb can be found running, creating vegan desserts, and exploring Colorado’s backcountry.

Grubb is most interested in gastrointestinal health and diseases and hopes to one day counsel patients on how to manage their symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. She grew up in a household centered on food, yet it wasn’t until her mid-twenties after experiencing digestive health problems when food took on another role. For this reason, Grubb is enthusiastic to build upon her science-based knowledge of nutrition, while remaining empathetic to how people struggle with food and nutrition. Upon completion of her master’s, she plans on working in outpatient nutrition counseling, hopefully with those recently diagnosed or struggling with digestive disorders.

During her time at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center, Grubb has enjoyed seeing the different ways in which people interact with food and the reasons they seek help from a RDN. “Every client brings forward a different food history and set of concerns, which makes the job of an RDN challenging but very rewarding.” Additionally, she thoroughly enjoys helping with the cooking classes. She states, “We all connect through the universal language of food. I love getting the chance to share food and cooking with others.”

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