Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Staff Spotlight

KRNC Staff Spotlight
Kelsey McMahan | Charlotte Lakin | Kristy Kloppe

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center welcomes three new additions to our team! New Staff at KRNC

  • Kelsey McMahan (left) is our new Marketing & Multimedia Specialist
  • Charlotte Lakin, RDN, (middle) is our new dietitian
  • Kristy Kloppe (right) is our new office manager

Kelsey McMahan is a Junior at CSU studying Marketing with a minor in Technical and Scientific Communications. Originally from Arizona, she moved to Colorado to feed her love for the outdoors from skiing in the winter to hiking in the summer. Next spring, she will be studying abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay!

Charlotte Lakin moved to Colorado when she was 13 after living in Dubai her whole life. She received her undergrad at the University of Denver and then completed the graduate program at CSU. From there, she became a credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Outside of work, Charlotte loves to cook and hangout with her dogs!

Kristy Kloppe is a Fort Collins native and CSU alum! She decided to stay in wonderful Fort Collins to raise a family with her husband Jordan. Her two children, Owen (6) and Leah (3), make sure she stays busy, but outside all of her roles she enjoys hiking and swimming. In October, she will be embarking on her first backpacking trip down to Havasupai Falls!

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