Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Presents Healthy You

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC) presents fall offering of Healthy You lifestyle program

Healthy YouKRNC is offering its dietitian-led group nutrition program this semester called Healthy You. For those experiencing challenges with weight management or seeking general healthy eating + living guidance, this 8-week lifestyle program covers mindful eating, portion control, meal planning, fitness and more. The program starts October 10 and classes meet Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Gifford Building, Room 114, CSU Campus.

NEW! Thanks to Commitment to Campus, cost is now $75 for CSU employees (and students). Call (970) 495-5916 to receive the 50% off CSU discount code.

Ready to register for Healthy You? Call (970) 495-5916 or visit to learn more.

NOTE: CSU employees (faculty and staff) get half-price nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian nutritionist at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. Students can also benefit from discounted services. Call to inquire about Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield benefits.

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center