New HABIC undergraduate social work intern: Q&A with Lisa Williams

Lisa Willams Lisa Williams has joined Human-Animal Bond in Colorado as an undergraduate student intern through the Bachelor of Social Work program. Williams is a senior at Colorado State University studying Social Work and Human Development and Family Studies.

Learn more about her interests and experiences that brought her to HABIC:

How did you become interested in social work?

When I came to CSU, I had no idea that social work was a field of study! After I discovered the School of Social Work, I realized it was a great fit for me because I had an interest in helping others in a way that allowed me to connect first hand with individuals and my community. Specifically, I had an interest in mental health and connecting individuals with necessary resources to improve their quality of life.

Why a double major?

My social work classes matched perfectly with my interests, but I still had a feeling my educational journey was incomplete. After a year studying social work, I discovered the Department of Human Development and Family Studies through a friend. Our talks helped me uncover a deep interest in child development and family therapy. The two majors blended well together instantly, and have allowed me to experience a wide variety of learning opportunities that helped guide my future career goals.

What drew you to Human-Animal Bond in Colorado?

I’ve always been an animal lover. I have been looking for a way to combine my love for animals with my work. I’m passionate about the therapeutic power of connecting with animals in my own life, so when I discovered HABIC a year ago, it felt like a dream come true. I hope to use animal-assisted therapies and activities in my future work after graduating. I am very excited to be a student intern with HABIC and be more involved with my local community!

Do you have any animals currently?

Yes! It wouldn’t be a proper introduction without mentioning the two animals in my family as well. Our 8-year-old chocolate lab is Coco, and our rescue cat is Mynx.

About Human-Animal Bond in Colorado

Founded in 1993, Human-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC) is a center in the School of Social Work, part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences. HABIC’S mission is to improve the quality of life for people of all ages through the therapeutic use of companion animals, with particular focus in the areas of community outreach, teaching, and research.