Department of Design and Merchandising March staff feature – Megan Osborne

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Name: Megan OsborneMegan Osborne headshot

Pronouns: she/her/hers

A goal you have: I would love for all DM students to experience leaning about textiles and fashion first hand from the historic examples in the Avenir Museum collection.

Favorite aspect of being a part of the DM department? Learning about all of the different avenues of research my colleagues across the department are involved in.  And finding ways the Avenir Museum can support their areas of study.

What is a fun fact about you? I am a graduate of the DM program!

What is a hobby you enjoy outside of the museum? I have al

1920's flapper dress, with red waistline and red flower at the bust, gold coloring elsewhere.

ways enjoyed hand work like cross-stitch and embroidery projects.  I am currently working on a cross stitch Christmas stocking.

Tell us what you do?  I am the Collections Manager and Assistant Curator of the Avenir Museum.  I manage the daily care and maintenance of the 20,000+ pieces in our collection.  I work with students, faculty and researches to access the objects.  I also develop exhibitions and programs for the general public.

Why do you love it? I love seeing the past come to life first hand through the garments in the collection.  Sharing real historic objects with students, letting them touch and examine them opens up the past in a way that just reading about it cannot.

What you would love to see from the students/collection relationship in the future? I would love to see increased use of the collection for inspiration in student work.  Specifically in the senior capstone collections.

Favorite piece in the collection?  A beautiful beaded “flapper” style dress from the 1920s it has a striking ombre chiffon the starts out as a light blush pink at the shoulders and fades to a rich deep blue at the knees.  The dress is covered in heavy silver beading.  As beautiful as the dress is, it has been heavily damaged by the weight of the beads and the shoulders have been shredded.  I love to show that piece to students who visit the collection.  It is a chance for them to see how objects can be damaged over time just through basic use, and also how design choices they make can have long lasting impacts on the objects they create.

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