CSU College of Health and Human Sciences students recognized for outstanding research

Collage of portraits of Grad Show winners
Top row from left: Krystyna Kolodziej, Lauren Vilen, Maureen Walsh, and Jordan Acosta, second row from left: Sylvia Lee, Wenceslao Martinez, Shivani Kaushik, and Sophie Seward.

Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences graduate students showcased their research recently at the 2021 Grad Show sponsored by the CSU Graduate School.

There were 18 submissions from students in the college, including research posters and talks detailing the impact of their studies and how they are improving lives. Of the posters submitted from students in the college, eight garnered awards.

The following students were recognized and their talks and posters can be accessed on the virtual Grad Show platform at the links below to learn more about their research.

Great Minds in Research Honorable Mention

Krystyna Kolodziej – Health and Exercise Science, Associations Between Psychomotor Performance and Balance Abilities in People with Type 1 Diabetes, Adviser: Bret Fling

Lauren Vilen – School of Education, Building Capacity Online: Community Science Adapted for Virtual Engagement, Adviser: Jill Zarestky

Maureen Walsh – Health and Exercise Science, NRF1+Nrf2 activators stimulate mechanisms of proteostasis in vitro, Adviser: Karyn Hamilton

Undergraduate Choice – Research Top Scholar

Jordan Acosta – Health and Exercise Science, The ipsilateral silent period as a neural biomarker for gait asymmetries in multiple sclerosis, Adviser: Brett Fling

College of Health and Human Sciences – Excellence in Research and Scholarship

Sylvia Lee – Food Science and Human Nutrition, Interactions Among Blueberry Polyphenols, the Gut Microbiome, and Intestinal Permeability, Adviser: Sarah A. Johnson

Wenceslao Martinez – Health and Exercise Science, Brain Protein Synthesis in Methionine Restricted Mice, Adviser: Karyn Hamilton

Shivani Kaushik – School of Social Work, Louisiana State Penitentiary: A Textual Analysis of Correctional Staff Views on End-of-life Care, Adviser: Jennifer Currin-McCulloch

Sophie Seward – Health and Exercise Science, One week of time-restricted eating reduces markers of cardiovascular disease risk in healthy men and women, Adviser: Josiane Broussard

Top qualifiers in the GradShow are invited to participate in the 3 Minute Challenge, where the best presenters become Vice President for Research Fellows and have access to travel scholarships, mentoring, and professional development.