Construction Management outstanding graduate shares his experience at CSU

From a young age, construction has been a large part of Fall 2017 grad Ty Eberhardt’s life. He is originally from Lyons, Colorado, and fondly remembers growing up on the industrial side of the town. Before coming to Colorado State University, Eberhardt spent three years at Front Range Community College while working full time in residential construction.

Ty Eberhardt posses with his awards.

Looking to take the next step in his education, Eberhardt transferred to CSU after taking a two–year break to evaluate what he wanted in his education. Now, the Department of Construction Management is honored to send Eberhardt on his way with a diploma in-hand.

Determined to succeed

During his time at CSU, Eberhardt has been working nonstop to understand all there is to know about construction management. He has been heavily involved in student organizations and a number of extra-curricular activities including serving as the vice president of the Associated Builders and Contractors club, participating in a number of construction management team competitions and serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant under Nick Rubino.

“One of my faculty coaches for competitions, Jon Elliott, has been diligent in challenging me in the classroom. He selected myself, along with a couple other students, to perform an alternate assignment for our Estimating II course,” Eberhardt said. “This ultimately turned into a topic for a research paper that was submitted to the Associated Schools of Construction committee and currently is in the selection process.”

Achieving so much and being actively involved in construction management takes a lot of personal commitment. Eberhardt states that he could not have done it alone; guidance from faculty within the Department of Construction Management have been critical to achieving his accolades.

“The expertise that the professors in the Department of Construction Management offer is invaluable,” Eberhardt said. “They are always willing to help outside of the classroom, regardless of topic. I would like to thank Scott Glick, John Killingsworth, Jeff Wilkes, Mohammed Mehany, Nick Rubino, Jon Elliott and everyone for helping me personally grow.”

Beyond CSU

After graduation, Eberhardt will work full time with FCI Constructors at Denver International Airport as a field engineer for their concourse expansion projects. However, CSU has not seen the last of Eberhardt, as he plans to return to CSU to pursue an MBA after obtaining some experience in the industry. Though he plans to return, he says he will miss the community aspect of his education.

“I was very fortunate to be around intrinsically motivated individuals,” Eberhardt said. “Iron sharpens iron. Having the ability to bounce ideas and collaborate through coursework, competition teams and club organizations has been incredibly invaluable.”

The Department of Construction Management is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.