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Winter 2021

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Scholarships critical to success for CSU College of Health and Human Sciences students

Scholarships are important for students to help alleviate some of the financial burden of higher education. This year, the College of Health and Human Sciences awarded $623,000 in scholarships to 269 recipients. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the many donors who support students in the college through private scholarships! Learn more about a few of our scholarship recipients and watch a video with messages of gratitude.

From the Dean - Lise Youngblade

College of Health and Human Sciences Dead Lise Youngblade
Lise Youngblade, Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences

For those of us lucky enough to work on the Colorado State University campus, the Oval resonates with beauty no matter what the season, but fall is special. One early morning recently, as I was heading to a meeting, the trees themselves looked like they were lit from within and were ablaze in their golden glory. The rising sunlight found its way through two buildings and lit a literal path across the Oval, while the sky was a brilliant blue. I took a moment to pause and take in this breathtaking beauty, and I was flooded with gratitude.

Fall is the season of giving thanks for our food and good fortune, and cultures around the world mark this time with an array of festivals celebrating the harvest with their

loved ones. Our college is at the forefront of science and education in these core elements that we are thankful for – healthy families, nutritious food, a roof over our heads, and so much more. Our gratitude for the gifts in our lives motivates us to generate solutions for the well-being of those who don’t have the same access to opportunities and resources they deserve.

In this season of gratitude, we give thanks for you, our alumni and friends, for all of the ways you make an impact on the lives of people in our community. I hope you will watch the video with messages of heartfelt thanks to our scholarship donors from students. Seeing students overcome barriers to pursue and achieve their hopes and dreams is inspiring. I wish you a joyous holiday season, and know that I am grateful for you. Please stay in touch as I always enjoy hearing from you! Go Rams!

College News

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CSU ready to receive Best Teacher Awards nominations

Nominations for the 2022 Best Teacher Awards are being accepted through Nov. 30. Anyone in the “Ramily” can nominate a teacher, and the awards are designed to recognize faculty who have had a significant impact on students.


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