CM faculty and students recognized at the Associated Schools of Construction’s 57th annual international conference

Logo for Associated Schools of ConstructionThe Associated Schools of Construction Conference was held virtually, April 5-9. It was hosted by California State University, Chico, with over 400 participants. This international conference provides an opportunity to gather faculty and industry professionals to discuss up-to-date curricula, best teaching practices, and current management models in the construction industry.

CSU’s Department of Construction Management was well-represented with conference proceedings by CM faculty, and a research poster submission by a CM alumnus and a CM associate professor. Three CM Faculty were also recognized with awards.

Best paper award

ASC Award for Best Conference Paper to Jared Burgoon and Jon ElliottJared Burgoon, Ph.D., and Jon Elliott, Ph.D., received the ASC proceedings’ Best Conference Paper Award for their paper entitled, “Evidences of Opportunity Gaps in Construction Management Education.” The award is given annually to an author, or team of authors, for a single paper as “the best” that adds value to the industry, and represents best practices of academic research in the field of construction.

Abstract: Disparities in bachelor’s degree obtainment and academic success as evidence of “opportunity gaps” between underserved racial-ethnic minority, low-income, and first-generation students and their peers is well documented in the United States higher education system. However, academic literature addressing the opportunity gap in construction management education is limited.

This study investigated the academic success of Latinx, Pell Grant eligible, and first-generation students as compared to White (non-Latinx), non-Pell Grant eligible, and continuing-generation students at a large U.S. based construction management program for the years 2008 to 2017. Findings indicate that statistically significant differences in grade point average and construction management program eligibility exist between White (non-Latinx) and Latinx students at the construction management program of interest for this study.


The following lists presentations by CM faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students:

  Paper presentations

  • “Evidences of Opportunity Gaps in Construction Management Education” – by Jared Burgoon, Ph.D., and Jon Elliott, Ph.D.
  • “Localized Supply Chain Disruptions: A Case Study on the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Commercial Roofing Project” – by Matt Klimm, B.S., Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D., and Erin Arneson, Ph.D.
  • “Assessing the Relative Performance of Three Different Fire Resistant Class A Roofing Materials in a High-Altitude Area” – by Brad Harris, Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D., and Erin Arneson, Ph.D.

  Poster presentation

  • “Implementation of Sustainable Roofing Strategies in the Front Range Region” – by Joe Oakman, B.S., and Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D. See poster here.

  Participation in roundtables

CM faculty also were involved in leading roundtable sessions:

  • Remote Teaching – Paul Goodrum, Ph.D. and CM department head, participated as a panelist
  • Construction Infrastructure Education – Clifton Farnsworth (BYU) and Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany, Ph.D., PMP, CSU CM

Two teaching awards

John Killingsworth's ASC Regional Teaching AwardJohn Killingsworth, Ph.D., received the ASC Regional Teaching Award, which recognizes the facultyJohn Killingsworth's ASC Award for International Excellence in Teaching member’s contribution to construction education, excellence in teaching, service to the ASC, and dedication to the construction profession. Killingsworth also received the ASC International Excellence in Teaching Award.

ASC is an organization of educators and industry practitioners working together for the development and advancement of construction education. It promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge; it inspires, guides, and promotes excellence in curricula, teaching, research, and service.

The Department of Construction Management is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.