Alumnus returns to share industry experience: Q&A with Brett Brown

Brown standing in front of the CSU Oval.
Brett Brown

Brett Brown is a senior instructor in the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University. Learn more about why he came to CSU and his teaching philosophy.

1. What brought you to the Department of Construction Management at CSU?

I graduated from this Department in 1998. Last year I had the opportunity to bring my 20+ years of experience in the industry back to the classroom and share my knowledge with the students. This also allowed me to spend more time with my three middle school and high school age kids before they head off to college.

2. What’s your teaching philosophy?

I try to bring a real-world perspective to the class room, talk about real situations and how the students can navigate them. I want my classes to be a discussion not a lecture.

3. What are your research interests, and how did you get into that topic?

As a non-tenure track faculty, I don’t have any research commitments but I always try to stay current with software and advances in technology. While in industry I spent a lot of time researching and understanding the Building Envelope and what the best practices are to having a water tight and energy efficient building.

4. What’s your favorite thing about campus?

I enjoy teaching in the same classrooms that I once sat in as a student. Time spent on campus makes me feel younger and more energetic.

The Department of Construction Management is part of the College of Health and Human Sciences.