CM students and faculty recognized at the Associated Schools of Construction’s 55th annual conference

The Associated Schools of Construction Conference was held April 10-13 in Denver, Colorado. This international conference provides an opportunity to gather faculty and industry professionals to discuss up-to-date curricula, best teaching practices, and current management models in the construction industry.

Mohammed Mehany receiving award
Mehany with award

Regional Teaching Awards

CSU’s Department of Construction Management was well-represented with several presentations by CM faculty, and research poster submissions by graduate students. Svetlana Olbina, Ph.D., CM associate professor, along with Mohammed Mehany, Ph.D., CM assistant professor, each received the ASC Regional Teaching Award, which recognizes the faculty member’s contribution to construction education, excellence in teaching, service to the ASC, and dedication to the construction profession.

Best Paper Award

Svetlana Olbina receiving award
Olbina with award

Jon Elliott, Ph.D., CM assistant professor, earned recognition for the Kiewit Best Construction Journal Paper in ASC’s International Journal of Construction Education and Research, for a paper he co-authored with Ben Bigelow, Ph.D., associate professor and director at University of Oklahoma, Construction Science Division, and Anusree Saseendrean, M.S., Construction Science, Texas A & M University, entitled, “Attracting Students to Construction Education Programs: An Exploration of Perceptions by Gender.” The award is given  annually to an author,or team of authors, for a single paper as “the best” that adds value to the industry and represents best practices of academic research in the field of construction.

John Elliott with other Kiewit award recipients
Elliott, third from left

The following lists presentations by CM faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students:

Papers presented for ASC

  • “A Framework of a Conceptual Roadmap for Standardization of Building Life Cycle Assessment Tools” – from CSU-CM: Shantanu Kumar, M.S., and Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany, Ph.D., PMP
  • “Integration of the Project Team in Delivery Methods and Procurement Procedures” – from CSU-CM: Christofer M. Harper, Ph.D., and James Angerman, Louisiana State University
  • “Spill Clean-up Recommendations for Emergency Escape Ramps (EERs): Western Mountain DOTs’ Perspectives” – from CSU-CM: Deniz Besiktepe, Ph.D. Student, Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D., and Scott Shuler, Ph.D., and Kelly Strong, Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa.
  • “Construction Capacity and Residential Roofing Reconstruction after Hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico” – from CSU-CM: Erin Arneson, Ph.D.
  • “The Development of a Construction Management Summer Program for Young Females – A Case Study” – from CSU-CM: Mohammed Hashem M. Mehany, Ph.D., PMP, Anna Fontana, M.S., and Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D., and Kayla Utter, Dohn Construction.
  • “Challenges of Greywater Systems on College Campuses” – From CSU: Franklin Alvis, B.S., and Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D.
  • “Exploring Gender and Ethnic Diversity Recruitment Goals: Comparing 2007-2017 CM Education and Industry Trends” – from CSU-CM: Jonathan W. Elliott, Ph.D., Jared Burgoon, MBA, and Molly Weisshaar, M.S.
  • “Upgrading the Wyoming State Capitol’s Mechanical System: A Case Study” – from CSU-CM: Anna Simpkins, M.S., John Killingsworth, Ph.D., and Jon Elliott, Ph.D.

Posters presented for ASC

  • “Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water: A Comparative Study between Conventional and Green Certified Buildings” – from CSU-CM: Duygu Kalan, M.S., Mehmet E. Ozbek, Ph.D., and Pinar Omur-Ozbek, Ph.D.
  • “Developing Operation and Maintenance Recommendations for Runaway Truck Ramps” – from CSU-CM: Deniz Besiktepe, M.S., Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Ph.D., and Scott Shuler, Ph.D., and Kelly Strong, Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa.
  • “Optimizing Material Solutions according to LEED Accreditation System” – from CSU-CM: Shantanu Kumar, M.S., and Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany, Ph.D., PMP.

ASC is an organization of educators and industry practitioners working together for the development and advancement of construction education. It promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge; it inspires, guides, and promotes excellence in curricula, teaching, research, and service.

Sigma Lambda Chi – CSU Chapter Earns Gold Award

Also awarded to CSU’s Sigma Lambda Chi chapter was the Gold Level Award. Established three years ago, this award is based on the chapter’s annual activity report, earning points for the combination of both academic and community activities, including: eligible member induction, recognition of honorary members, service projects, sponsorship of a construction related activity, hosting of special social events, maintaining a Sigma Lambda Chi chapter website, have a social media presence, and submitting photos or special publications.

The Department of Construction Management is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences