Associated Schools of Construction selects CM assistant professor, John Killingsworth, for two teaching awards

John Killingsworth's ASC Regional Teaching AwardDuring this year’s annual international conference of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC), held virtually from April 5-9, the Colorado State University Department of Construction Management’s own, Assistant Professor John Killingsworth, Ph.D., captured two of the six faculty awards given by ASC. Killingsworth received both the ASC Regional Teaching Award, as well as the prestigious ASC International Excellence in Teaching Award.

The ASC Regional Teaching Award is given annually to early- to mid-career untenured or tenure track faculty, who have two to six years of teaching experience at an ASC member school. This award recognizes the faculty member’s contribution to construction education, excellence in teaching, service to the Associated Schools of Construction and dedication to the construction profession.

Regional nomination

Killingsworth was nominated for the Region 6 award based on his strengths in teaching, including technical knowledge, classroom management, student engagement, and the use of practical experience.

He was also endorsed and recommended by colleague, CM Assistant Professor Mohammed Mehany, who said, “During his tenure at CSU, John has shown time and time again that construction education is at the heart and soul of everything he does. He projects a caring attitude that students respond well to, and he is always willing to help them in a multitude of ways.”

Also supporting Killingsworth’s nomination was CM Associate Professor Scott Glick. “It is always gratifying to see a young faculty member with a real passion for teaching. This passion helps to ensure that the students find value in what they are learning and increases their quest for knowledge and understanding,” said Glick.

Recognition with international award

John Killingsworth's ASC Award for International Excellence in TeachingKillingsworth’s unwavering commitment to teaching and mentoring of students was also recognized with the ASC International Excellence in Teaching Award. Each region selects one nominee from their pool of Regional Teaching Award recipients from the same year to be considered for this award. Killingsworth was selected for nomination from Region 6.

In addition to the regional teaching award criteria for consideration, this award also recognizes the faculty member’s regional and international ASC activities, such as conference attendance and participation, involvement in organizational and/or management committees, service as an editor for an ASC publication, etc.

“Professor Killingsworth’s expertise and engagement with students, both in the formal classroom setting and outside in student activities, make him deserving of the prestige bestowed by the award,” said CM department head, Paul Goodrum.


Killingsworth attended the University of Nebraska where he earned a B.S. in Construction Management in 2010. He continued studies at the University of Nebraska and received his M.S. in Construction Management in 2012. Killingsworth then completed doctoral studies and received a Ph.D. in Construction Management in 2014. After completing his Ph.D., Killingsworth accepted a position of Assistant Professor and Program Director in Construction at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He became an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University in the Department of Construction Management in 2016.

Outside of the classroom, Killingsworth is actively engaged as a faculty coach on multiple student teams that have participated in different regional and national competitions. These competitions provide participating students with industry-based problems that require both knowledge gained from their classes, as well as through supplemental classes taught by the teams’ faculty coaches.

Killingsworth has also served as a study abroad teaching professor, leading teams to European studies during the summer.

The Department of Construction Management is part of CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.