9 ways to support sustainability in fashion

Consumers are a crucial part of the global fashion industry. Demanding accountability to companies, brands, and retailers about where and how clothes are made, who made their clothes, and where the clothes end up after use, are some of the ways that individuals can engage with the fashion industry. Here are nine strategies that you can put into practice to be a sustainable clothing consumer – tips from Sonali Diddi, fashion sustainability expert and assistant professor in the Colorado State University Department of Design and Merchandising. 9 Ways to Support Sustainability in Fashion

  1. Buy better clothing that will last longer.
  2. Buy less clothing.
  3. Buy thrift or vintage clothing, and reusing items that were already manufactured.
  4. Take better care of clothing so that it will last longer.
  5. Learn how to repair clothing to extend its life.
  6. Engage in conversations with younger generations about the effects of consumption.
  7. Support socially responsible and sustainable brands.
  8. Support local brands.
  9. Understand that “Sale” does not mean that consumers need to buy.

This is an excerpt from a Q&A with CSU Assistant Professor Sonali Diddi. Read the entire article here