7 Grilling tips for the end of the summer

Though the summer is coming to an end soon, the grill can still stay fired up! Here are 7 grilling tips from the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center to keep your meal safe, healthy, and delicious.

Grilling Tips7 Grilling tips for the summer - veggie and meat kebabs on the grill.

  1. Keep it Clean: Thoroughly clean your grill before cooking. Fat and grease buildup can promote growth of harmful bacteria and increased PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) levels as meats are charred by flames.
  2. Bar the Char: Charred meats can have more PAHs.
    Avoid charring, or discard or trim highly charred
    pieces of meat.
  3. Speed it Up: Cut meat into smaller, thinner portions
    or precook it in the oven or microwave to decrease
    the amount of time the meat is on the grill, thus
    reducing the level of PAHs and HCAs formed.
  4. Go Lean:  If you choose to charcoal grill,
    choose leaner meat options that have less fat.
  5. Keep it Down Low: HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines) don’t tend to form
    until food reaches temperatures higher than
    300°F. Grill at lower temperatures to make
    extra tender ribs and brisket.
  6. Let it Soak: Studies show marinating meats
    before grilling can cut down on the formation
    of HCAs by preventing some smoke from
    sticking to the meat.
  7. Avoid Direct Heat: Avoid direct exposure of
    meat to open flames or hot metal surfaces.
    Avoid flame flare-ups, keep flames low or
    wrap meat in foil packages.


Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center